About us

About us

An independent research center concerned with the Syrian issue and provides brief research studies based on field statistical surveys. It includes a network of local correspondents and includes independent researchers and academics inside and outside Syria. Its activity aims to monitor facts and variables and clarify the full scene of events and course of events for policy makers and decision makers locally, by collecting detailed data in a geographical area extending to the entire official Syrian borders according to international conventions, and related to time since the beginning of the events of the revolution in March 2011, and Transforming data into research results that support development and construction programs.

In the beginning we were...

On March 19, 2011, the first launch of youth efforts aimed at documenting events in order to facilitate their understanding and benefit from them, and those efforts were within the framework of cooperation with the Syrian Rights Association in an ambitious initiative under the title “So that the tragedy of Hama is not repeated and that we are not again in front of forty thousand.” Missing”, and with the development of the event and the progress of the experience, the necessity of moving the work to more specialization arose, in order to separate the activity of documentation and study and the human rights activity that follows the documentation process, and the birth of the Syrian Center for Statistics and Research was on 06.08.2011

Syrian Center for Statistics and Research:


Today, the center includes more than 120 members of a volunteer cadre that includes researchers and field information collectors.


The center believes that:

    The constructive person is the focus of challenges in building life, and the way to reach this person is to provide him with knowledge and faith.

    The path to objectivity passes through the independence of belonging

    Spreading knowledge is valuable in itself


The Syrian Center for Statistics and Research was established under a license from the German Court in North Rhine-Westphalia, as a response to the requirements of the new phase of the history of Syrian society, to be a contributor to documenting the stage and establishing what comes after by contributing to supporting development projects by providing them with digital statistics and practical indicators that inspire and guide policy-makers. for decision makers.


Through its website, the Center provides easy and quick access to the data of victims since the beginning of the events of the Syrian revolution.

 It also provides the site visitor with free access to the results of the statistical survey in the manner of Cartesian illustrations and curves.