Why CSR?

Why CSR?

In addition to having staff working inside Syria in exceptional and extremely difficult conditions, the center’s personnel rely on the following principles in all their work to ensure success and quality of work:

  • Constructive Knowledge

The center distinguishes itself from other traditional statistical institutions by combining statistics and research in a way that guarantees building useful information, originated from actual reality, and capable of affecting it towards achieving calculated change towards the better.

  • Building on Reality

Being close to reality is the most effective manner to direct the path for the creation of the knowledge that can be applied and directly implemented. Reality in this regard is the center of focus for the research and the source of its data.

  • Clarity and Honesty

Clarity in announcing our aims and programs, and honesty in our practical quest to elevate the public interest of a society that protects justice and human dignity. We have enough courage to face all the challenges that we experience usually while carrying out our projects, by identifying and highlighting them in order to find real and sustainable solutions that address the essence of the problem. During all the stages of the project, we promise our partners to maintain transparency, openness, sharing information and experiences, to serve the common goal and achieve success for our common project.

  • Professionality and Excellence

Perfecting work and doing it in the best manner is one of the values that define us. We do not take the decision of entering a field of work if we were not confident of our ability to manage it in a professional way and provide an added value to the human being and the society through this work.

  • Sustainable and Continuous Development and Progress

We always seek to develop and make right progress in order to keep pace with the fast and dynamic developments in our world of today. Our partners can be assured that they will get the latest information as well as the best scientific and practical manners to accomplish and manage our common projects.



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