Our partners

Our partners

Local Partners:

The Syrian Rights Society: It is a gathering of activists and academics who are interested and specialized in the rights affairs inside Syria. The society was established alongside the revolution and was interested on documenting and observing the files of victims.

The Association of Free Syrian Lawyers: a group of around 160 lawyers most of them are residents of Damascus. The association worked on providing legal alternatives for the Syrian state, and documenting the violations of human rights as well as the files of detainees in specific.


Partners Outside Syria:

One of the founders of the “Nahda Group for Management of Strategic Projects” which is considered to be a coordinative umbrella between various research centers that are interested in the Syrian affair and involved in projects of making change towards the better. Website: http://www.ngspm.com

Also the cooperation agreements that the center makes with interested entities:

Human Rights Data Analysis Group. Website: https://hrdag.org