Bank of knowledge

Bank of knowledge

The center is keen on providing constructive knowledge that helps to transform the society towards achieving the values of justice and human dignity; the center sees that the way to reach constructive knowledge is through the integration of the plans and programs of the center in terms of statistics and research.


This section of the center’s work aims at building a bank of documented information through a process of collecting and archiving information in order to employ it in research projects, for purposes of statistics; the center relies on a network of information collectors who have the following aspects:

  • Geographical spread
  • A young staff that belongs to Syria and have the high ability to acquire expertise and develop skills and innovation.
  • An ability to adapt with developments and move and work in difficult circumstances, despite the huge security unrest
  • not specialized, but holds a direct practical experience for over two years surrounded by professional guidance and training

Main information inputs:

  • Statistical surveys: documenting events, incidents and situations; this constitutes a daily flow of information, and guarantees enriching the research projects of the programs of the center.
  • Polling the public opinion: conducting surveys of random samples according to what researchers decide.



This section of the center’s work aims at employing the output of the statistical process in the research work to ensure integration between the two sides and offers more practical feasibility to the efforts exerted in both sections. For research purposes, the center relies mainly on cooperation relations with independent researchers. The staff is distinguished for the following:

  • The member researchers of the center are originally specialized in advocacy, statistics and management.
  • Seeking further specializations is subject to the requirements of the projects of the center, by leveraging the skilled people available through partners

We work on formulating our knowledge production in one of the following forms:

  • Studies: these publications address certain situations and may include results of projects already executed, or could be theoretical studies supported by primary and secondary references.
  • Policies papers: this is the name used by the “thought houses” in reference to short publications directed to decision makers in private, societal or governmental institutions. The purpose out of it is to provide recommendations that help in building proper policies on the basis of scientific studies. Policies papers are essential for stimulating and directing change in any institution or country.
  • Specialized handbooks: The center offered its first release under the title “The Rights  Documentation Manual for Non-specialized”, under its third annual year that includes preparing three handbooks in support of the documentation process in Syria. The center aims to produce specialized handbooks of certain topics to help those working in the public affair to reach the useful information and the helpful strategy in the fastest manner and easiest way.
  • Investigations and Reports: Journalistic reports of the investigation and news reports types, which can document a specific incident, a current situation or a personal experience.
  • Blogs and Articles: We consider that such kinds of releases express the opinions of their authors who are often workers at the center or at the partners. The center prides itself in publishing their valuable opinions and their analysis of the current situations on its website, with reference to the fact that they represent the views of their authors.
  • In addition to publishing reports of the achieved projects to show the followed mechanism , the implementation stages, the collection technique and the result analysis.

The center relies on e-publishing on its website in order to deliver the research to the audience of the center, however some of its releases get circulated.