Our Project

Our Project

  • We work continuously on expanding our network operating inside Syria to obtain information and data continuously.

  • The project of monitoring the societal depth of the Syrian conflict; we work continuously on documenting files of the victims and those damaged, as well as the destruction inflicted upon properties and infrastructure.

  • Supporting the process of professional documentation in Syria through spreading the culture of rights documentation by means of awareness publications and training courses, enhancing efficiency and improving performance in accordance with the syllabus of “Rights Documentation Manual for the non-specialists”, issued by the center.

  • We aspire to improve our ability on statistical surveying and poll public opinion by establishing and managing a statistics and polling network.

  • We made several studies, including:
  1. The obstacles faced by the Syrian Revolution groups
  2. A study titled as: the Islamist battalions between the moderate paths and accusations of extremism (policy paper)
  3. Turning points in the path of the Syrian Revolution (policy paper)
  4. The status quo of the educational process in Syria during the war (a survey)

The center also participated through the Nahda Group - in which it is a member - in executing the following projects; whereas some are still underway:

  • Supporting the emerging structures of the local councils in Syria

  • Mechanisms of the constitutional reform process in the Syrian situation

  • Various articles and reports that deal with certain situations of the Syrian Revolution; some were published on the website.