identity of the center

identity of the center

An independent, non-profit and non-governmental organization. It works on providing advisory services as well as research studies for the Syrian and non-Syrian groups that are interested in the Syrian situation, or involved in the decision making thereof.

The center includes a local network of reporters and a team of researchers and academics inside and outside of Syria. Its activities aim to capture the realities and variables, and highlight the complete scene of events by collecting and analyzing data and information and producing reports and studies that serve the interested bodies in formulating their executive strategies and help in the building and development process.


The center takes “spread of knowledge .. prosperity of life” as its slogan; it looks forward to a society that believes in the value of human beings and works on maintaining their freedom and dignity, regardless of their nationality, ethnicity or religion. We believe that a human being has the right to take freely his own decisions and work on realizing them in an environment that ensures equal opportunities and achieves social justice.


We realize the depth and complexity of the process of change in Syria. That is to say changing the concepts and culture of a society is far more complex than changing the ruling regime or circle. We believe that the way to make such change can be only through systematic, scientific and institutional work, coupled with strong faith in the human power to change. The center aims to contribute with its work to push the wheel of change in Syria towards the better through:

  • Building a bank of knowledge for collecting, documenting and storing information about the Syrian situation, in a way that allows to study it by scholars and researchers;

  • Employing the knowledge bank in studying the Syrian situation and analyzing it in a methodological manner relying on modern theories and knowledge; and putting the results and recommendations of these studies into reports that help those who are interested in the process of designing strategies and making decisions.

  • Providing consultations to the political and research entities and institutions that are involved in the process of building and development in Syria.

 The center also aims to continuously improve and enhance its institutional structure; it works also on including skilled people and a staff that can contribute to realize its vision.


In our work we adopt the following principles and values:

  • Sustainable development of the human being and the community to ensure the continuous process of producing and accumulating expertise and welfare;

  • Ensure the quality of our products and work throughout all stages;

  • Spreading knowledge is a value in itself;

  • Transparency and sharing guarantee collective success and community progress;

  • Respecting legislations and applicable laws, as well as intellectual rights;

  • Responsible work that is conscious of its duties towards the society and partners with whom we deal;

  • Innovation and accumulation of experiences, and creating an environment that is capable of acquiring knowledge and continuous self development;

  • Objectivity of research and independence of statistics;

  • Protecting data confidentiality.